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Kod mene tranzitni UR je u konj. sa natalnim ME u 10 polju (bice aktivna sve do marta 2009). Ima dosta istine u gorenavedenim postovima a Astrocom daje sledece tumacenje sto se tice ovog aspekta (na engleskom je, pa ako moderatori smatraju da treba biti izbrisan ovaj post, ok je, ne ljutim se):

This is a very positive influence, a time when your mind will be stimulated as never before. New ideas, new techniques and new approaches to life will continually come to you. Radical ideas that you would never have entertained before seem perfectly all right now, and you are able to use them positively. Communication will take on a more important role in your life at this time. You need to share with everyone the new insights that are coming into your life. Consequently you are likely to become a proselytizer for new ideas, trying to break others out of their rigid patterns of thinking. Astrology and the occult in general will attract you now, if they haven't in the past. You will also be interested in scientific and technological disciplines. This is an excellent time to begin studying science and mathematics. However, if you want to take advantage of these opportunities, you must be quite flexible in your own thinking. If your thinking is very rigid, this will be an extremely upsetting period in which your ideas are challenged and found wanting. Under these circumstances you may become more tense, nervous and threatened. Even if you go along with the insights that this influence can bring, it may be upsetting, because the pace is too fast to keep up. Nervous ailments and anxieties can be a part of this period if the pace becomes too hectic. A related problem now is the tendency to scatter your thoughts so that you don't think things through very carefully. There is the danger of making decisions impulsively without adequate forethought. In general, this is not a good time to make decisions, but rather a time to learn. Make sure you are in a position where you are free to change your mind, for you may do it frequently. If you try to make a permanent commitment to some new course of action, you are likely to embarrass yourself by seeming inconsistent. The problem is really that you are so constantly exposed to new data that your conclusions have to change as your understanding changes.
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