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Brine me ovaj aspekt koji je kod mene aktiviran sada, u maju 2008 i bice aktivan do januara 2010. Da li neko od vas ima iskustvo sa ovim aspektom (natalnim ili tranzitnim)? Ne svidja mi se ni tumacenje na Astrocom-u. Vidite sta kazu tamo:
Undesirable consequences ***
Valid during many months: This period can be a severe test of your grip on reality. It can be very confusing and cause you to be misled in a variety of ways. You may suddenly find yourself in the grip of a total delusion that you believe to be the most real thing you have ever encountered. It is very important that you consider very carefully any new idea or philosophy before allowing it to take control of your life. One danger of this influence is that you may allow some idea to control you. At best, ideas and philosophies are devices that help you understand and make sense of the confusion of everyday experience. But under this influence ideas may become a substitute for experience, so that you begin to believe in things that you have never experienced. You will be particularly attracted to ideas that help you avoid confrontations with the everyday world. Sometimes this influence may cause you to turn to drugs, usually psychedelics or amphetamines, which provide mystical-seeming experiences, rather than alcohol, barbiturates or opiates. But this manifestation is likely only if you have a tendency in this direction anyway. You may turn to the study of mystical disciplines in an effort to understand what is happening to you. In itself this is not bad, but you will have to be very careful that such studies do not totally alter your sense of proportion. It is best to expose yourself to these new ideas gradually, so that you can integrate new understandings with old and thereby prevent this energy from being disruptive. If you live consistently and are willing to deal with the real world and handle its challenges, this influence can open up aspects of reality that you have never dreamed of. It can signify an enlightenment experience at some level. But if you try to avoid reality altogether, this influence may bring about the state of unconsciousness you desire, but with undesirable consequences.

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