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[1.4.9] Sun to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Falling in love with love; secretiveness.

[2.4.9] Moon to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A dreamy emotional projection; a small sense of reality, impracticality. A chaotic emotional life, a dreamy nature, impressionability.

[3.4.9] Mercury to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A sympathetic and compassionate understanding of other people, imagination, an artistic sense (lyrics). Wrong or miss-directed love, a disappointed hope.

[4.4.9] Venus to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Love in a swoon; erotic imaginings; artistic ideas.

[5.4.9] Mars to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Sexual drive has a difficulty being fulfilled; there is magnetic attractiveness, but trouble settling down. Sexual aberration.

[6.4.9] Jupiter to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A rich imagination, romantic reverie, a love of comfort; receptiveness of beauty and art; the tendency to revel in illusions.

[7.4.9] Saturn to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Fear of loosing a dream; inhibitions and shyness in love; torment because of love; a new look at realism is needed.

[8.4.9] Uranus to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A strong longing for love that may get out of hand. Intensified fantasy setting up impractical expectations; susceptibility to exploitation through being extravagant.

[9.4.9] Neptune to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Potential delusion in love; feeling unrequited; creative outlets.

[10.4.9] Pluto to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Extremely emotional; strong longing in love without attaining fulfilment; a tragic love, a painful renunciation; sexual needs pack a primal punch.

[11.4.9] Node to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Misdirected feelings in love, love with subsequent disappointment.

[101.4.9] Asc to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A peculiar disposition with regard to love-life, possibly a libertine image, a union with such a person.

[110.4.9] M.C. to midpoint Venus/Neptune
A romantic revelling in love, losing oneself in illusion. Profiting through artistic creativity.

[for.4.9] Fortuna to midpoint Venus/Neptune
Possibly talent for creative illusionism.
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