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[1.4.7] Sun to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Unsatisfied desire in love, inhibitions in sex-expression, an unhealthy expression of sex-urge, weak powers of procreation.

[2.4.7] Moon to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Emotional depression caused by unsatisfied love, inhibitions, an unfortunate disposition or difficult circumstances in all matters of love-expression. A woman living separated from her husband or living a lonely life.

[3.4.7] Mercury to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Thinking about ways to feel fulfilled, to improve relationship, to feel wanted. Narrow-mindedness or selfishness in love.

[4.4.7] Venus to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Grace given to ambition; the arts introduced to the life; the hurt of love-lost.

[5.4.7] Mars to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Driving a wedge into relationship harmony; wanting more than is there; fearing competition, jealousy, possible separation.

[6.4.7] Jupiter to midpoint Venus/Saturn
The preference for solitude, happiness in solitude. Learning respect for the status quo; keeping to oneself. An illegitimate relationship.

[7.4.7] Saturn to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Suppression of love feelings; relationship with someone of conspicuous age difference; learning trust in romance; trying to understand peacefulness and calm.

[8.4.7] Uranus to midpoint Venus/Saturn
A very tense love relationship; the desire to overcome inhibitions or obstacles in love suddenly; jealousies; boredom, arguments, possible separation.

[9.4.7] Neptune to midpoint Venus/Saturn
A cold heart, the wrong ideas about love, pretence in relationships; thinking the grass is greener elsewhere; dreaminess deceives; possible separation.

[10.4.7] Pluto to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Unusually strong tension in love relationship, temporary or passing state of chaos.

[11.4.7] Node to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Contacts with similar souls on the down side of life; needing sympathy.

[101.4.7] Asc to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Hiding one's light, shyness, withdrawing, fear of not being accepted.

[110.4.7] M.C. to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Feeling unimportant; never successful enough; separation in love.

[for.4.7] Fortuna to midpoint Venus/Saturn
Inhibitions in love-life.
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