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[1.4.6] Sun to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
A warm heart, kindness, good will toward others, a healthy body. Being popular, successful, particularly well-appreciated; advancement in life. Bridegroom.

[2.4.6] Moon to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
A good-natured disposition, affectionate and cordial manner, charm. A woman permeated with the joy of love (bride or mother).

[3.4.6] Mercury to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
Happy thoughts, good humour, a love of entertainment, writing beautifully, communicating with grace.

[4.4.6] Venus to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
Happiness in love; success; humanism; birthing.

[5.4.6] Mars to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
A harmonious sex-life, strong power of wishing, stirred-up feelings, a good time. Decisions are made through the joys of love (engagement, wedding). Procreation, birth.

[6.4.6] Jupiter to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
Success in love; artistic success; philanthropy; birthing.

[7.4.6] Saturn to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
Realism is introduced to expansive hopes; possible coming down to earth with a thud; caution; loss of faith; separation.

[8.4.6] Uranus to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
The capacity to express joy whole-heatedly, the ability to become popular quickly. Sudden happiness in love, quick fulfilment of wishes, joyous excitement.

[9.4.6] Neptune to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
A loss of focus in love relationship; a change of direction for no clear reason; being taken advantage of, being deceived. Negligence, lack of correct behaviour, falsehood; a disharmonious and destructive relationship.

[10.4.6] Pluto to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
The enjoyment of an unusually large measure of popularity, the ability to gain favour with the masses, a state of great happiness.

[11.4.6] Node to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
Sharing joy with other people, an unselfish disposition. Engagement.

[101.4.6] Asc to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
A bright disposition; good cheer.

[110.4.6] M.C. to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
The ability to radiate one's own happiness, the demonstration of gladness and of warm heart when meeting other people.

[for.4.6] Fortuna to midpoint Venus/Jupiter
The joy and happiness of love.
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