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[1.4.5] Sun to midpoint Venus/Mars
A strong physical love; artistic power of creation; marriage, conception.

[2.4.5] Moon to midpoint Venus/Mars
Strong emotional impulses, an early desire for marriage. Fulfilment through the arts. Motherhood.

[3.4.5] Mercury to midpoint Venus/Mars
Thinking influenced by love-impulse, the tendency to delve into the problems of sex-relationship. Actors, romance-writers.

[4.4.5] Venus to midpoint Venus/Mars
Feeling for love; romance; sexual relationship; creativity in arts.

[5.4.5] Mars to midpoint Venus/Mars
Passion; impulsive sexual drive; excitement.

[6.4.5] Jupiter to midpoint Venus/Mars
A healthy sexual relationship, strong physical attraction, a rich soul-life and expression of feeling; writing about love. Success in the arts and/or in plans to make relationships, attract love, have children.

[7.4.5] Saturn to midpoint Venus/Mars
The sense of being controlled in love-matters, of losing freedom; inhibitions; possible relationship with someone of conspicuous age difference; renunciation. A separation in love.

[8.4.5] Uranus to midpoint Venus/Mars
Intense passion; high nervous involvement with things sexual; sexual experimentation; dangerous liaison. Sexual assault.

[9.4.5] Neptune to midpoint Venus/Mars
Spiritual bonds. Revelling in the desire; self-sacrifice to another or being taken advantage of. Disappointment in sex relationship. Appendicitis.

[10.4.5] Pluto to midpoint Venus/Mars
Powerful sexual drive; the conquest.

[11.4.5] Node to midpoint Venus/Mars
An extremely magnetic personality with regard to sexual attraction.

[101.4.5] Asc to midpoint Venus/Mars
Showing love easily, with few conditions.

[110.4.5] M.C. to midpoint Venus/Mars
Pronounced sexuality in attitude to love; intense relationship; desire for marriage or the actual event; giving birth.

[for.4.5] Fortuna to midpoint Venus/Mars
Fulfilled impulse to love.
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