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[1.3.110] Sun to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
A harmonious relationship between body, soul and spirit; forming one's own philosophy of life.

[2.3.110] Moon to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Feelings expressed through a sense of rightness particularly relating to women.

[3.3.110] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Following one's way of thinking to the hilt; changes as a result.

[4.3.110] Venus to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Thinking about love and relationship and feeling right.

[5.3.110] Mars to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Making a decision about where one stands, usually with regard to the profession or one's social position.

[6.3.110] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
A wealth of thoughts, an optimistic outlook, the fortunate ability of having self-knowledge; the capacity to be happy and recognise one's good fortune; teaching, publishing, travelling for gain; philosophising.

[7.3.110] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
One's point of view comes under scrutiny by authority figures. The abandonment of one's aims in life pursued hitherto.

[8.3.110] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Formulating new objectives; making a sensation; throwing caution to the winds because of great confidence; nerve.

[9.3.110] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Self-absorbed thinking may lose the track on the public course.

[10.3.110] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
The pursuit of fanatical aims, excessive ambition. A major turning point is possible; the power picture is clear; persuasion dominates.

[11.3.110] Node to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Open interaction with others; telling the truth.

[101.3.110] Asc to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Determining one's own attitude to other people, judging or giving expert advice. Self-absorption; losing contact with others; change brewing.

[110.3.110] MC to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Having one's point of view clarified or recognised.

[for.3.110] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/M.C.
Luck resides in one's knowledge of oneself.
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