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[1.3.101] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Asc
The inclination to cultivate and exchange ideas; putting together a philosophy of life; the search for intellectual stimulation.

[2.3.101] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Projection of emotions to others. Conversations or negotiations with or about women.

[3.3.101] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Social attitude becomes important.

[4.3.101] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Asc
The disclosure of one's personal feelings to one's intimate circle, projection of feelings about love, intimacy, and the arts.

[5.3.101] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Negotiating with others; deciding on the best course of action in collaboration with advisors.

[6.3.101] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Teaching; successful meetings; sharing ideas easily.

[7.3.101] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Adopting a strategic reserve in expression; withdrawing from a social circle; protecting one's position; separation.

[8.3.101] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Impetuous opinions can irk others; quick loss of temper; being critical.

[9.3.101] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Not knowing quite what to think about something or someone; the tendency to think badly of others; openness to deception or slander.

[10.3.101] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Asc
The desire to establish one's influence over people within one's environment, becoming prominent and influential, putting one's personal stamp on something, advancement in one's career.

[11.3.101] Node to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Easy interchange with others.

[101.3.101] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Asc
What one thinks is on the line; open to evaluation.

[110.3.101] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Asc
Revealing one's position; taking one's stand; communicating without fear.

[for.3.101] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Asc
One's attitude towards other people brings luck.
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