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[1.3.10] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
A persuasive speaker, a keen observer, circumspection or prudence and vision. Championing an idea or attitude that prevails; communication skills. The need for recognition.

[2.3.10] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The power to speak with heart and soul and consequently convince people; adaptability in thinking and speaking particularly in relation to women.

[3.3.10] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The ability to persuade; communicating new perspectives.

[4.3.10] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
An inclination to an interest in unusual and specialised artistic fields and also to make propaganda for the latter; artistic communication power; advertising; an unrestrained, up front sexual expression. A marriage swindler.

[5.3.10] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The ability to grasp a situation quickly, right or wrong, and take action confidently and persuasively, the ability to master great tasks; attacking the issue without reservation. A blackmailer.

[6.3.10] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The art of persuasion, the ability to teach, diplomacy. Public recognition, great success. A crook or swindler.

[7.3.10] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
A quarrelsome nature, insistence of a point of view, unrelenting demands, nagging character, irritability, scepticism. Nervous irritation through overwork, the exposure to heavy or bitter attacks, separation.

[8.3.10] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
An irresistible power of suggestion, a fanatical pursuit of one's plans. The bright idea saves the day; extreme self-confidence; ready to chart new territory. Nervous exhaustion or breakdown through overtaxing one's strength.

[9.3.10] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
Overdoing issues drains energy and wears out one's welcome. Over-sensitivity, the pursuit of peculiar plans; cunning, falsehood, calumny, libel or defamation.

[10.3.10] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The ability to persuade; demanding new perspectives.

[11.3.10] Node to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
Being recognised by others for persuasion and communication skills.

[101.3.10] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The intellectual domination of the surrounds, exercising influence.

[110.3.10] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
The ability to cope with any situation, resourcefulness. Good powers of observation, keen powers of judgement, prudence or circumspection, foresight, the ability to arrange matters well.

[for.3.10] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Pluto
Lucky exchange of ideas.
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