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[1.3.9] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Sensitivity, receptiveness, rich imagination, intellectual creativity. Impressionability, dependence on moods. The state of being deceived.

[2.3.9] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Emotional sensitivity, sympathetic understanding. Possible paranormal awareness. Personal impressions dominate the thinking process; misguided imagination.

[3.3.9] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Thinking about what to feel. Alert imagination, special awareness.

[4.3.9] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Sensual thought, rapturous imaginings, expecting too much of love, expecting a great deal of personal attention; strong attractive power of short duration; artistic expression.

[5.3.9] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Thinking with a purpose, putting imagination to work (the disposition of a genius). Inspired planning pays off.

[6.3.9] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
A rich imagination and great powers of fantasy; the large picture becomes personalised. The inclination to harbour great holes. Poet, actor.

[7.3.9] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Dark thoughts, a pessimistic outlook on life, inhibitions in thinking, a gloomy reaction to real or imagined circumstances, looking at the down side of things, which may not be valid.

[8.3.9] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Sudden new imaginative ideas, inspiration, going far out, inventions, inspirations. Medical: convulsive nervous disturbances.

[9.3.9] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Feeling what to think, fantasy, special awareness.

[10.3.9] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Unusual sub-conscious actions; the tendency to draw highly upon nervous energy; instincts supporting the power drive.

[11.3.9] Node to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
Creative contact with others.

[101.3.9] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
The tendency to open oneself to the influences coming from other people, potential overreaction, the state of being exploited or deceived by others.

[110.3.9] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
A rich inner life full of imagination, far-reaching ideas and plans, intuitive thinking, sympathetic understanding of other people, spiritual awareness. Living among the clouds with or without practical orientation.

[for.3.9] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Neptune
The imaginative faculty deals a lucky hand.
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