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[1.3.8] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
The ability to create a surprising move or to grasp a situation quickly - perhaps too quickly, hastiness, premature action. The ingenious or inventive man.

[2.3.8] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
A logical, thinking and practical disposition sometimes prone to quick mood changes. Valid instinct about a situation.

[3.3.8] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Impulsive action; provocative thoughts; inspiration.

[4.3.8] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
An artistic disposition; the ability to resonate or tune in to rhythms such as occur in dancing, song and gymnastics; the tendency to love spontaneously.

[5.3.8] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Summing up situation quickly and acting accordingly. Courage, determination, a sudden success and advancement in life. A sudden realisation of ideas.

[6.3.8] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Impressive presentation of ideas, the gift of repartee, optimism and confidence, a far-seeing mind, long-term planning, a clear grasp of a matter. A fortunate turn, success in the solution of a technical or mathematical task.

[7.3.8] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
The desire to liberate oneself from tensions, a sudden overcoming of inhibitions through acting quickly. Tendency to intolerance, trying always for quick extrication, the attainment of safety for oneself.

[8.3.8] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Intensification of the nervous system; acuteness of thought; sharpness, speed; sudden travel plans.

[9.3.8] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
The higher levels of the mind; inspiration; psychic feelings brought into focus; magical persuasiveness; deductive analysis particularly when related to the correct interpretation of visions, apparitions and similar phenomena. Nerve troubles.

[10.3.8] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Tremendous power for work, action, leadership; getting the biggest job done in a commanding way. Over-strained, over-stimulated nerves.

[11.3.8] Node to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Creative interchange with others, power to give and receive stimulating suggestions. Surprising news, turn or change.

[101.3.8] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
The application of practical principles in the creation of one's environment; circumspection, prudence or deliberation; organising ability. Accidents through fast action or recklessness.

[110.3.8] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
The ability to think about a particular matter acutely and keenly and to act swiftly. An inventor, mathematician, physicist or astrologer.

[for.3.8] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Uranus
Sudden luck in finding a solution, serendipity.
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