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[1.3.7] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Making a go of it, getting down to work, discipline paying off. Arrested mental development; a love of travelling; repeated changes of residence.

[2.3.7] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Emotional quandary; indecision because of fear of losing; frustration; inhibited or taxing learning process. Retarded mental development; a love of variety; inconstancy; the opportunity to gain abundant experience, the assimilation and digestion of many different impressions.

[3.3.7] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Hard work; analysis.

[4.3.7] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Frustration in love; fickleness; needing reassurance.

[5.3.7] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Risking everything to make one's point; turning drive into tyranny; arguments; no compromise.

[6.3.7] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Good powers of concentration, philosophical thinking, logic, reasoning, success through thoroughness and industry. Success with irksome or difficult work, a fortunate separation, short journeys.

[7.3.7] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Wisdom through duress, maturation through depression; the sense of heavy responsibility.

[8.3.7] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Great inner tension particularly relating to the old way of thinking about things and the new way; excitability, haste, incompatibility, nervous disorder.

[9.3.7] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
A state of depression, distrust, emotional confusion. A journey by air or by sea, the longing for far and distant places, home-sickness, plans without any prospect of realisation.

[10.3.7] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
The tendency to toil and grapple with unusual or special problems, the inclination to brood over one's destiny, feeling resourceless.

[11.3.7] Node to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Philosophical discussions; making contact with hard-working people who may be helpful, a short journey in company.

[101.3.7] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Tendency to aloofness and seclusion, going one's own way in life, preoccupation with one's own ideas, backing off from responsibilities.

[110.3.7] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
The urge to philosophise, the ability to concentrate. Mind over matter, winning through planning.

[for.3.7] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Saturn
Luck relating to or coming from mental work.
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