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[1.3.6] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
A good intellect, wealth of ideas, talkativeness. Success in one's vocation. An orator with expressive gestures, an actor.

[2.3.6] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Emotions inspire impressive ideas and welcomed solutions. A pleasant conversationalist, liveliness. Talkative or lively women. A lively exchange of thoughts.

[3.3.6] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Good common sense; writing; publishing; travelling.

[4.3.6] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
The desire to revel in something or to become enraptured, the tendency to discuss love and beauty, a merry disposition.

[5.3.6] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Energetic action guided by common sense. Speaking and acting in co-ordination, a successful discussion or conference.

[6.3.6] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Intellect; thoughts about the spirit; legal issues; travel.

[7.3.6] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Inhibitions when trying to make a decision, the display of uncertainty during negotiations. Sober decisions, the desire to withdraw from dispute to avoid a fight; the lonely stand.

[8.3.6] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
The display of interest in novelties, inquisitiveness and curiosity, quickness at repartee. Successful propaganda activity, effective advertising, a resourceful orator.

[9.3.6] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Powerful imagination or inspiration, magnetism. Losing the focus of an issue, lack of realism. A person successful in deception or speculation.

[10.3.6] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
A person exercising an influence over the masses, a suggestive orator or a salesperson, dramatic persuasion.

[11.3.6] Node to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Sociability; the exchange of thoughts with others; meetings.

[101.3.6] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Successful teamwork, organising ability, a fruitful meeting.

[110.3.6] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Optimism, a person fond of talking, wealth of ideas, a zeal for learning. A good speaker, scientist or businessman. Success in one's calling or vocation.

[for.3.6] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Jupiter
Luck associated with good common sense.
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