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[1.3.4] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Awareness of things beautiful; the arts; sunny disposition. An art which can be of practical use, particularly sculpture, architecture; recognition.

[2.3.4] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Venus
The ability to shape plain surfaces, a talent for painting or drawing, perception of beauty. A beautiful young person. The emotions gain creative expression.

[3.3.4] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Idealisation; thoughts of love.

[4.3.4] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Romanticising; thoughts of love.

[5.3.4] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Alerting the passions; making strong, emotional statements; creativity. Craftsman, a metal (Mars) -worker, a physicist.

[6.3.4] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Great wealth of design and or form, great desire to acquire objects of art or antiques, jewellery, a love of luxury, an appreciation of religious art. Artistic success. Publishing. Love realised.

[7.3.4] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Venus
A serious attitude to life, maturation, trimming down ideals to be more practical, contemplation in retirement or solitude, creative activity under quiet conditions. Difficult art-work, creative design or form shaped from hard or heavy material, a difficult artistic career.

[8.3.4] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Inventive ability, originality with ideas, extraordinary communication. A mathematician, a public speaker full of ideas and quick at repartee.

[9.3.4] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Venus
The power of seeing everything in clear pictures; fantasy and imagination, inspiration (maybe spiritual), synthetic creativity, gift of poetry particularly if connected with the fantastic and surreal. Negatively: deluding oneself about reality, a lack of tact, the undermining of relationship.

[10.3.4] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Venus
A tremendous creative power, the recognition of art as a mission, sometimes one-sided or over-specialised artistic objectives. Peculiar contacts or objectives.

[11.3.4] Node to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Love of artistic events and entertainments. An association with art lovers, a stimulating exchange of thoughts.

[101.3.4] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Pleasantness, being well-mannered, a talent for making social contacts or the gift to entertain people well, a sense of tact and discretion, adaptability, the ability to create a beautiful environment, appreciated by others.

[110.3.4] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Possibly a profession in the arts. The profit from things creative or appreciation and enjoyment of things beautiful.

[for.3.4] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Venus
Lucky disposition towards, or an event connected with, things beautiful.
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