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[1.2.110] Sun to midpoint Moon/M.C.
A masculine soul, a positive attitude to life, vigour, spirit of enterprise, a strong link with the mother of the wife.

[2.2.110] Moon to midpoint Moon/M.C.
One's strongest needs are out in the open.

[3.2.110] Mercury to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Thinking and emotions are well-balanced and influence each other positively.

[4.2.110] Venus to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Deep attachments in one's love-life. Significant relationships are possible.

[5.2.110] Mars to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Strong work-orientation; promotion; strength on the job. The longing for a soul mate. The introduction of a man to a woman.

[6.2.110] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/M.C.
The rich and deep soul-life, optimism and confidence. Enthusiasm, the joy of hope or expectation, high aims or noble aspirations in life, a deeply religious or social outlook. A happy relationship to the mother or the wife, a satisfied longing for children.

[7.2.110] Saturn to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Emotional inhibitions, a person who is slightly bad-tempered, pessimism, separation.

[8.2.110] Uranus to midpoint Moon/M.C.
High degree of emotional excitement, irritability, nervousness. The sense of vocational instability or the threat of pending upset. An unusual emotional state, motherhood, birth.

[9.2.110] Neptune to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Awakening of the aesthetic or things spiritual. Self-deception, inclination to worry unnecessarily, the tendency to lose hope easily. Being devalued or duped by a woman.

[10.2.110] Pluto to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Tremendous thrust forward, the biggest picture, rejuvenation. Inhibitions of the inner or spiritual evolution by mother or wife. Emotional shocks and upheavals.

[11.2.110] Node to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Adaptability, a sympathetic understanding of other people. Professional contacts.

[101.2.110] Asc to midpoint Moon/M.C.
An emotional attitude to one's environment, the understanding of other people's spiritual needs.

[110.2.110] M.C. to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Ego-consciousness alerts all one's senses.

[for.2.110] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/M.C.
Luck related to one's spiritual harmony and progress.
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