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[1.3.5] Sun to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Manly and brave thinking and acting, a positive or firm demeanour, determination. Putting a foot down; making a point strongly; standing up for one's position; enjoying a good argument; quick decision making.

[2.3.5] Moon to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Emotions are added to the issue at hand; arguments get an extra level of meaning. Quarrels, particularly if related to the female sex.

[3.3.5] Mercury to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Nervous drive.

[4.3.5] Venus to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Quick decisions in matters of love and affection; the tendency to fall in love quickly. Excited plans about romance; creative inspiration, insight.

[5.3.5] Mars to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Energised thinking; making plans.

[6.3.5] Jupiter to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Constructive thinking or criticism, sound judgement. Knowing how to sell an idea with enthusiasm. A celebrated orator, a good critic.

[7.3.5] Saturn to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Deep thinking, good powers of concentration. Inhibited powers of decision, a slow or sluggish mode of thinking. The desire to harm others, the tendency to say bad things, the inclination to bring harm to oneself by exaggerating. Separation caused through quarrelling.

[8.3.5] Uranus to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Tremendous excitability, acting before thinking, the loss of self-control, frenzy. An exciting surprise, a decision made in haste. The danger of catastrophes.

[9.3.5] Neptune to midpoint Mercury/Mars
The pursuit of fantastic plans, fantasy channelled into creativity. Vagaries, deception, not telling all, avoiding key points. Intrigue.

[10.3.5] Pluto to midpoint Mercury/Mars
A fanatical critic, an over-zealous orator, a sharp analyst. Criticism with a passion, knowing just what's wrong with the world, involved in big arguments. The misfortune of having to suffer heavy attacks or assaults from others.

[11.3.5] Node to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Discussions with others; easily argumentative.

[101.3.5] Asc to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Being seen as a talker; known to be impulsive.

[110.3.5] M.C. to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Bravura; a champion salesperson; ready to win the fight; the ability to retaliate in the proper manner.

[for.3.5] Fortuna to midpoint Mercury/Mars
Lucky realisation of one's plans.
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