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[1.2.101] Sun to midpoint Moon/Asc
One's own personal attitude to the other sex, the evaluation of relationships for one's own benefit. The tendency or urge to seek personal contacts.

[2.2.101] Moon to midpoint Moon/Asc
Focus on personal needs and relationships to fulfill them.

[3.2.101] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Asc
Adaptability, sociableness and the ability for entertainment; the cultivation of thought-exchange, letter-writing; creating confidence.

[4.2.101] Venus to midpoint Moon/Asc
Adaptability to preserve the love in a relationship. Social events that put one forward.

[5.2.101] Mars to midpoint Moon/Asc
Energetic self-projection. Temperamental change at the slightest sense of frustration.

[6.2.101] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Asc
Harmonious relationship with other people, good adaptability. Expansive confidence, gregariousness, largesse, publicity. Happy and fortunate contacts with the female sex.

[7.2.101] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Asc
Inhibitions in contacts with other persons, the state of being depressed in the presence of others. The process of maturation. Heavy moods of deliberation, severity, depression. Separation from the female sex.

[8.2.101] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Asc
Excitability, restlessness, a nervous behaviour in the presence of others. Sudden events in connection with the female sex.

[9.2.101] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Asc
Unconscious inhibitions, peculiar dislikes. Self-delusion is possible. Feeling wiped out. Deception by a female.

[10.2.101] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Asc
Over-dramatisation or obsessive importance of relationship; a disharmonious relationship with women.

[11.2.101] Node to midpoint Moon/Asc
Desire for contacts; importance of women as associates.

[101.2.101] Asc to midpoint Moon/Asc
Focus on personal needs and relationships to fulfill them.

[110.2.101] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Asc
The building of personal relationship upon a spiritual basis, the tendency to expose oneself to the influence of women.

[for.2.101] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Asc
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