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[1.2.11] Sun to midpoint Moon/Node
A spiritual attitude to friendships and sex-unions. Harmony between husband and wife.

[2.2.11] Moon to midpoint Moon/Node
Associations with others, usually emotionally biased.

[3.2.11] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Node
The desire to exchange ideas with the female sex. A critical attitude towards associations. Getting along with others, building co-operation.

[4.2.11] Venus to midpoint Moon/Node
Affectionate behaviour with others. Contacts or connections with the arts.

[5.2.11] Mars to midpoint Moon/Node
A vigorous advocacy of unions or associations, energetic teamwork. A union based entirely on physical attraction, the desire to get married.

[6.2.11] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Node
Generous behaviour in associations, an atmosphere of confidence in team work. Success through team work, happy relationship.

[7.2.11] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Node
Inhibitions in team work or in living together. Sufferings disadvantages or losses through associations. Separation.

[8.2.11] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Node
Restlessness in the presence of others. Meeting exceptional people or experiencing unusual events with or through others. Sudden attachments.

[9.2.11] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Node
The potential of undermining of associations or unions; unions or associations of no promise. Disappointment through others.

[10.2.11] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Node
Powerful forces affect interpersonal relationships. The sense of fated attraction. Separation through higher power or providence.

[11.2.11] Node to midpoint Moon/Node
Contacts with others bring assistance and comfort.

[101.2.11] Asc to midpoint Moon/Node
An emotional attitude towards women in one's environment, the inclination to maintain inner contact with others.

[110.2.11] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Node
The cultivation of emotional evolvements.

[for.2.11] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Node
Luck in joining a union or association.
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