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[1.2.9] Sun to midpoint Moon/Neptune
A delicate relationship; the man trying to support the woman. Illuminated aesthetics; the importance of spirit. A sensitive wife. Illusions and deceptions.

[2.2.9] Moon to midpoint Moon/Neptune
The awakening of aesthetics, special sensitivities, or the spirit.

[3.2.9] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Control of inner vision by intelligence and common sense. Fantasy, imagination, artistic talents. Saying one thing and meaning another, vagueness.

[4.2.9] Venus to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Highly romanticised feelings of love; spiritual and unearthly love. Peculiar and strange tendencies in the expression of love, queer, odd or perverse inclinations. Renunciation; disappointment in love.

[5.2.9] Mars to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Personal magic; hypersensitivity; weakened system in relation to sex-life. Nervous troubles through unnatural practices. Irritability, danger of infection.

[6.2.9] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Abundant powers of imagination, fantasy, good understanding of others through a sympathetic and compassionate attitude, far-reaching wishes. Artistic success.

[7.2.9] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Pessimism, hopelessness and despair, the tendency to be influenced strongly by the prevailing and temporary circumstances. Hard work to restructure ambition; shaking off indolence.

[8.2.9] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Temperamental impulse; emotional unpredictability. The pursuit of sudden ideas and hunches, the gift to have sudden foreboding or presentiments.

[9.2.9] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Neptune
The emergence of the unconscious; refinement; bewilderment.

[10.2.9] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Neptune
A high degree of sensitivity coupled with an inclination to be influenced easily by others. Emotional shock, upheaval, change.

[11.2.9] Node to midpoint Moon/Neptune
The projection of passivity and confusion. Association with sensitive or frail women.

[101.2.9] Asc to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Over-dependence upon all environmental influences; over-sensitivity; the ability or faculty to see through other people. Association with sensitive, weak or sick people.

[110.2.9] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Neptune
A refined, sensitive and inspired character; artistic talent and disposition. The experience of being gripped by foreboding.

[for.2.9] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Neptune
Luck through being sensitive, psychic, or though art or talent in art.
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