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[1.2.8] Sun to midpoint Moon/Uranus
A physique easily aroused by emotions. The sense of free will; ambitious aspirations. A nervous male; an ambitious or masculine woman.

[2.2.8] Moon to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Emotional tensions.

[3.2.8] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Intuition, a person with ideas, suggestive thought-power, great mental activity. Excited mental activity; expecting a surprise; innovative ideas; short trips, sudden news. A thinking woman.

[4.2.8] Venus to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Self-willed in love, sudden sexual activities, artistic creativity.

[5.2.8] Mars to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Excessive ambition, the craving for recognition, lack of self-control, the tendency to act rashly. Acts of violence; injury.

[6.2.8] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Aims and objectives on a grand scale, ambitious aspirations. Good intuition, circumspection and vision, a lucky hand in enterprises. Satisfied ambition, sudden success.

[7.2.8] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Striving for independence in order to solve things; the struggle between the traditional and the avant-garde. Striving for independence, the desire to separate oneself from others suddenly, the suffering of sudden damage. Sudden illness.

[8.2.8] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Intensification of self; impulsiveness to fulfill needs.

[9.2.8] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Lack of energy, weakness, muddle-headed or confused aspiration; things are unclear and insecure for no apparent reason. Nervousness, exhaustion, sudden disappointment.

[10.2.8] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Bombast; the fanatical push for fulfilment of needs; sensationalism. Building anew upon ruins.

[11.2.8] Node to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Restlessness and excitability in contact with others. Associations with ambitious or nervous women.

[101.2.8] Asc to midpoint Moon/Uranus

A restless and excitable personality, a disturbing influence upon others. An upsetting experience. Geographical relocation.

[110.2.8] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Uranus
Much excitement about ambition or potential gains; sudden change of plans. The tendency to take a hand or to interfere suddenly.

[for.2.8] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Uranus

Good luck through a sudden change.
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