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[1.2.7] Sun to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Sobering times, feelings of enforced controls, possible separation in relationship. The separated wife, the widow.

[2.2.7] Moon to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Awareness of ambition, strategy, direction.

[3.2.7] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Prudence, maturity, sense of duty; sadness and perhaps depression, especially among women. Separation.

[4.2.7] Venus to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Changes of mood, inhibitions in love-expression, lack of self-confidence, the capability to renounce. Resignation, the inclination to stand alone in love or marriage, illegitimate associations, disappointment in love.

[5.2.7] Mars to midpoint Moon/Saturn
The sense of real problems, inhibitions or feelings of inferiority, difficulty getting off the ground except by very careful, strategically-planned exertion of energy, self-control to the point of torment, inner conflicts. Illness or separation of women.

[6.2.7] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Saturn
The sense of law and order prevails; the sense of duty and responsibility; feeling confident about structure, appreciating why certain control are necessary. Quiet happiness, separating without sadness or unhappiness; a journey.

[7.2.7] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Self-control; loneliness.

[8.2.7] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Reaching out for emotional freedom, exploding out of frustration or inhibitions. Nervous tension, sudden mental and emotional suffering, separation.

[9.2.7] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Feelings of inferiority, depression; melancholy.

[10.2.7] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Saturn
The threat of loss, the need to rely upon oneself only, the inclination or necessity to rise in life by using force and go one's way alone. Organic suffering due to strong feelings; separation from wife or mother.

[11.2.7] Node to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Lack of adaptation and self-confidence, the tendency to shun other people. Association with uncommunicative, lonely or sick women.

[101.2.7] Asc to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Inhibitions in development; a reserved self-presentation. Meeting with sick or depressed people, mourning or bereavement.

[110.2.7] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Self-control, sense of duty and prudence, making things happen carefully, structuring ambition. The feeling of being lonely or deserted; being ill.

[for.2.7] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Saturn
Emotional depression, domestic difficulties. Stabilising the home and family environment. Older persons offer support.
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