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[1.2.6] Sun to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Optimism, contentedness, the love of peace, the inclination for learning and education, social outlook. The wife who is happy with her husband.

[2.2.6] Moon to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Feeling happy, being successful, contentment. Religiousness and the judiciary becoming important.

[3.2.6] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
A large sphere of thinking, making far-reaching plans, the urge to learn and study, travelling. Union with a wealthy or happy woman. Success through speaking or writing.

[4.2.6] Venus to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
An abundance of feeling, a harmonious nature radiating happiness, an artistic sense. A woman artist. A happy and loving woman.

[5.2.6] Mars to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
A healthy love-relationship; love of enterprise, striving for success. The happy wife, the cheerful mother, the success of a woman.

[6.2.6] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Opportunity, reward, publicity, success.

[7.2.6] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
The inability to be happy, social disadvantages or injuries; indifference, negligence, injustice, inner conflicts, being cut off from happiness, separation from wife. Success through and with old people. Disorders of the liver and the gall-bladder.

[8.2.6] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Occasional outbursts of hilarity. Confidence, optimism, the love of enterprise. Sudden good fortune. Blissful procreation.

[9.2.6] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Losing focus of objectives, success feels like it is leaving one's grasp, abandoning hope easily, bad social conditions. Dwindling happiness, losses through speculation, wastefulness.

[10.2.6] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
The desire to start great enterprises, an extraordinary and unusual striving for possession and wealth. The big picture and the power to make it appear.

[11.2.6] Node to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Sociability; successful contacts. An alliance; a fruitful marriage.

[101.2.6] Asc to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
The tendency to be happy and cheerful in the company of other people, the creation of harmonious environment. Fortunate contacts.

[110.2.6] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Popularity, confidence, possible religious significance. The happy wife, the fianc‚e, the bride, the mother.

[for.2.6] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Jupiter
Benefits and good fortune that comes from women.
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