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[1.2.4] Sun to midpoint Moon/Venus
Marital love, protective care of the family, gracefulness, appreciation of the arts. Actors or stage performers.

[2.2.4] Moon to midpoint Moon/Venus
Love and sensitivity.

[3.2.4] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Venus
The longing for love, erotic thoughts, reflecting on love problems.

[4.2.4] Venus to midpoint Moon/Venus
Grace; good social reception; co-operation.

[5.2.4] Mars to midpoint Moon/Venus
A strongly instinctive, emotional or passionate way of living, a love of travelling. Actions caused by feelings. The desire to become a mother.

[6.2.4] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Venus
A happy love-life, an abundance of feeling, an affectionate and optimistic disposition. A wife's love reciprocated, happy motherhood. Success in art.

[7.2.4] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Venus
Sternness within feelings; tightness entering romance. Suppressed feelings, inhibitions in love, unsatisfied passion, renunciation. An unhappy, sad or sick woman, separation from or a loss of the husband. The sage; the philosopher.

[8.2.4] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Venus
Sudden romantic feelings and attachments; intensification of sexuality perhaps as a result of a glandular disturbance; the urge to act irrationally; fits of emotion. Sudden experience in a woman's life, sudden motherhood.

[9.2.4] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Venus
Dreaminess, impressionability, moodiness, the tendency to be tempted or seduced easily. Misdirected feelings of love, being duped. The necessity for renunciations. Weakened or abnormal glandular activity.

[10.2.4] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Venus
Powerful awakening of the amorous emotions, uncontrollable desire for motherhood. An unusual love-experience.

[11.2.4] Node to midpoint Moon/Venus
Longing for tenderness, the urge to be united with the beloved person, love of family and community, rewarding social contacts, maternal feelings.

[101.2.4] Asc to midpoint Moon/Venus
Affectionate behaviour towards others; being well-received.

[110.2.4] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Venus
A heart filled with love. A loving wife or mother. Becoming a wife or mother. Feeling valuable, success.

[for.2.4] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Venus
One is lucky in one's relationships with women.
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