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[1.2.3] Sun to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Thinking on biological lines, good intellectual powers, realism, practical planning. Relations with the public, a man's relationship to young women.

[2.2.3] Moon to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Thinking with feeling. Emotional perception.

[3.2.3] Mercury to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Mental stimulation about personal needs and how to fulfil them. Improved communications. The advice of a woman.

[4.2.3] Venus to midpoint Moon/Mercury
The sense of beauty, an understanding of art, the feeling of love, lovely thoughts. Love in youth.

[5.2.3] Mars to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Critical, perhaps nervous thought processes. Keen and sharp judgement. A protective care of others which is vigorously undertaken. Primitive and instinctive thinking. The procreative urge. A passionate young woman.

[6.2.3] Jupiter to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Sound judgement, constructive, social or religious thinking, comprehensive, synthesised, or co-ordinated thinking. Good judgement, rational thought, sound planning. Interest in travel, communications, or educational institutions. Successful plans, a happy young woman.

[7.2.3] Saturn to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Solving problems to grow in wisdom. The need for patience in thinking. Difficult and slow thinking, the pursuit of gloomy or sad thoughts. The desire to solve problems, concentration, difficult scientific work. Separation from the female sex. Taking leave, a journey.

[8.2.3] Uranus to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Sudden innovative thoughts and plans. Independent thinking; irritability about progress; getting on with things hastily. A constructional fault. A sudden event in the life of a young woman.

[9.2.3] Neptune to midpoint Moon/Mercury
An active imagination, mistaken thinking, fancies, whims, lies. A deceived girl, exposure to lies and scandal.

[10.2.3] Pluto to midpoint Moon/Mercury
The necessity of adjusting one's thinking to new conditions; new perspectives; persuasion or being persuaded. Special events (maybe acts of God) re-orient one's thinking. Tragic realisations.

[11.2.3] Node to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Sharing thoughts with others, making contacts, dealings with females.

[101.2.3] Asc to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Love of conversation or gossip. Sharing opinions. An acquaintance dating from one's youth.

[110.2.3] M.C. to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Making decisions, usually about one's profession or social position. Forming a spiritual relationship to a girl.

[for.2.3] Fortuna to midpoint Moon/Mercury
Lucky young woman.
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