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[1.1.110] Sun to midpoint Sun/MC
Individual recognition; potential glory; usually successful; fulfilment.

[2.1.110] Moon to midpoint Sun/MC
An instinctively correct understanding of life's aims. Finding one's position in life, usually through the profession.

[3.1.110] Mercury to midpoint Sun/MC
The gaining of experience, seeing one's way to achieving goals.

[4.1.110] Venus to midpoint Sun/MC
Attitude to love, a harmonious disposition, artistic interests, hobbies. Sociability.

[5.1.110] Mars to midpoint Sun/MC
Strong individuality, the energetic pursuit of one's objectives, the urge to fulfill one's mission at all costs, strong power manoeuvring in the profession; promotion and success.

[6.1.110] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/MC
An optimistic and positive attitude to life, the pursuit of good and clear-cut objectives in life, a happy disposition. Publicity, fulfilment.

[7.1.110] Saturn to midpoint Sun/MC
Maturation through sobering experiences. Refinement of ambition. Learning from apparent mistakes. A negative outlook on life, reserve, inhibitions. The tendency to retire or withdraw, the mood of sadness. The necessity to make grave or difficult decisions.

[8.1.110] Uranus to midpoint Sun/MC
Revolutionary or rebellious tendency. Sudden changes; shifts in position.

[9.1.110] Neptune to midpoint Sun/MC
The wrong attitude to life, the pursuit of wrong objectives, apathy, indifference, a weak will to live. Disappointments, confusions, lack of clarity.

[10.1.110] Pluto to midpoint Sun/MC
Very strong drive for fulfilment of objectives, a violent attainment of one's aims, the desire to obtain leadership by the use of force. The realisation of extraordinary and unusual plans, a tragic destiny. Changes in life perspective; upsets in relationships.

[11.1.110] Node to midpoint Sun/MC
The tendency to pick one's friends and associates carefully. Forming a relationship.

[101.1.110] Asc to midpoint Sun/MC
One's individual attitude to other people, development of the personality. Personal relations.

[110.1.110] M.C. to midpoint Sun/MC
Professional fulfilment. Getting what one deserves.

[for.1.110] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/MC
Lucky disposition towards one's career.
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