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[1.1.101] Sun to midpoint Sun/Asc
Recognition; being seen for what one is.

[2.1.101] Moon to midpoint Sun/Asc
Feelings and needs in relationship become very important, especially for females or with females. Fruitful activity in conjunction with others. Association with the female sex.

[3.1.101] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Asc
Seeking mental or intellectual stimuli, thinking who one really is in relation to others, a critical attitude towards others. Contact with young people; scientists or business men.

[4.1.101] Venus to midpoint Sun/Asc
The impersonal love of humanity, an affectionate nature, love of others. Affection, attachment.

[5.1.101] Mars to midpoint Sun/Asc
The fighting spirit, the power to establish oneself in the world, industry and diligence. Fighting for common interests. Quarrels.

[6.1.101] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Asc
A good companion, a philanthropic or social welfare outlook, gaining trust and confidence, a religious and social outlook. Joint success, public recognition.

[7.1.101] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Asc
Inhibitions, shyness, difficult attainment of recognition. Difficulties in public life, the sharing of suffering with others, separation.

[8.1.101] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Asc
The desire to establish oneself in the world by violent means; agitated and pushy behaviour. Sudden experiences with other people; upsets.

[9.1.101] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Asc
High sensitivity with regard to other people, the tendency to be influenced and led by others, the inclination to be get upset quite easily. Being duped, being disregarded, calumny or degradation.

[10.1.101] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Asc
The power through personal persuasion, the desire to obtain influence. Fated events, a turn of destiny.

[11.1.101] NORTH Node to midpoint Sun/Asc
Personal acquaintances; business contacts, associations.

[101.1.101] Asc to midpoint Sun/Asc
Testing the identity. Personality clarification through the reactions of others.

[110.1.101] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Asc
The desire for soul-unions, the seeking of mental or intellectual contacts, the attainment of personal recognition especially through the profession; the influence of the parents.

[for.1.101] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Asc
A lucky projection of one's personality.
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