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[1.1.11] Sun to midpoint Sun/Node
Experiences shared with others become important; family ties; the public.

[2.1.11] Moon to midpoint Sun/Node
A compassionate sharing of feelings in associations. A man's relationship to wife, homeland and people.

[3.1.11] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Node
One's attitude to associations, the desire to exchange ideas with other people. Business contacts, news, association with young people.

[4.1.11] Venus to midpoint Sun/Node
Interest in artistic performances. The desire for association with artists or people interested in art. Sociability. The beginning of a love relationship.

[5.1.11] Mars to midpoint Sun/Node
Vigorous drives with others to gain personal importance. The desire for recognition, the desire to establish oneself within a community. Associations based solely on physical attraction; co-operation and team work.

[6.1.11] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Node
Generosity, tact, sociability, harmonious integration into the community. Public recognition and success. Associations with the wealthy or international. Positive legal involvements. Good fortune.

[7.1.11] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Node
Reserve, shyness, lack of adaptability, inhibitions with regard to other people. Maturation, patience with others. Friction in dealings with the public; separation.

[8.1.11] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Node
The urge to succeed at all costs within a community or to establish reforms. Attraction to unusual individuals, upsets through intensity, the drive for popularity. Sudden or upsetting experiences with other people.

[9.1.11] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Node
The inability to adapt easily, the tendency to be easily annoyed with others, being quickly disappointed by others. Disappointment in associations.

[10.1.11] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Node
The urge to use compulsion with others. The desire to exercise influence over the masses. Public prominence.

[11.1.11] Node to midpoint Sun/Node
New contacts come into life.

[101.1.11] Asc to midpoint Sun/Node
The desire to make personal contacts; making such contacts.

[110.1.11] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Node
An emotional and spiritual attitude to associations, the tendency to fight other people's battles. Becoming prominent through associations. Friendships based on soul kinship.

[for.1.11] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Node
Associations which bring luck.
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