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[1.1.9] Sun to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Illumination of sensitivity, imagination, aesthetics; possible befuddlement, remoteness, impracticality.

[2.1.9] Moon to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Moodiness, high impressionability, very special inner experience not easily understood, the emergence of the unconscious. The longing for a husband, a weak or easily impressionable husband, disappointment through the spouse or consort. Gynaecological concerns.

[3.1.9] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Mental sensitivity. Self-deception. Little intelligence, a lack of logical thinking, clouded perception of objectivity. Mental disturbances, weak nervous system, possibly defective speech.

[4.1.9] Venus to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Revelling in love impracticality. Reserve in love or in affections. Disappointments, aberrations in love or sex expression. A weak constitution.

[5.1.9] Mars to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Magnetism, sexual discovery. Nefarious scheming to exalt the ego. A weak will to live, weak muscular power, lack of incentive to work, weakened or disturbed sex life.

[6.1.9] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Success through inspiration or imagination; achievement of success with little exertion. Optimism and capacity to enjoy pleasant things in life in spite of little vitality or illness; possible overindulgence.

[7.1.9] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Inhibitions through illness or physical debility, an emotional affliction. Illness through mental or emotional suffering, an impeded blood circulation, bad or unhealthy blood.

[8.1.9] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Sudden impressionability or even psychic awareness. Sudden upsets or excitements, nervousness, convulsions or spasms (epilepsy). Sudden illness or weakness, or an emotional crisis, mourning.

[9.1.9] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Neptune
The sense of ego loss; hypersensitivity; inspiration or deception; illegality.

[10.1.9] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Extreme sensitivity; use of the spiritual, psychic, or illusory as a force for persuasion; fateful or tragic deception or illusion.

[11.1.9] Node to midpoint Sun/Neptune
The demonstration of a negative or weak attitude in the presence of others. Support of the needy, association with weak or sick persons.

[101.1.9] Asc to midpoint Sun/Neptune
A sensitivity to others, true or fabricated. Difficulties in being accepted, in advancing in life, a negatively inclined environment. Support of the needy.

[110.1.9] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Being sensitive, weak, ill or impressionable. A negative outlook. Period of depression, hyper-sensitivity, or mental stress.

[for.1.9] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Neptune
Spiritual inclinations.
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