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[1.1.7] Sun to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Illumination of ambition; awareness of responsibility; testing if one is on the right track; importance of the father.

[2.1.7] Moon to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Emotional depression partly in connection with organic disturbance. Emotional inhibitions, fear, feeling of inferiority. Separation from females, increasing loneliness, bereavement.

[3.1.7] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Serious thinking; grave decisions. The tendency to have grave or depressing thoughts, the tendency to tackle serious problems. The inhibition of speech.

[4.1.7] Venus to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Suppression of feeling, reserve. Inhibitions in love-life, suppressed feeling in relationship, feeling victimised.

[5.1.7] Mars to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Inhibitions in mental or physical development, seclusion, the feeling of loneliness. Soul crises caused by one's own inhibitions or by other persons. Running hot and cold ; energies feel confined; the sense of futility.

[6.1.7] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Saturn
A phlegmatic temperament, a propensity to corpulence, happiness in solitude. Good fortune of a sick, old or serious person. A fortunate separation from somebody else.

[7.1.7] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Saturn
The sense of difficulty, overwork, depletion, confinement, discipline. The fear of loss, possibly grief.

[8.1.7] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Fluctuating attitude towards life, emotional tensions, sudden inhibitions, nervousness. The clash between new ways of doing things and the established ways. Unusual circumstances, crises, separation, mourning, seclusion, imprisonment.

[9.1.7] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Inhibitions in mental development, physical or inner peculiarities, lack of vitality. Sadness, loss of hope, delusions within relationship. A mental, emotional, or physical crisis.

[10.1.7] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Developmental inhibitions owing to illness. The threat of loss in relationship or health. A pressure to change one's entire value system.

[11.1.7] Node to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Associations with sick, weak, old or serious persons. Difficult associations, seclusion.

[101.1.7] Asc to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Difficulties in the development of one's own personality, possible threat to health, the misunderstood person. Separation.

[110.1.7] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Saturn
Lacking the feeling of success; feeling devalued; the exercise of reserve, feeling ill.

[for.1.7] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Saturn
The activation of one's karma for good or bad.
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