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[1.1.6] Sun to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Health, joy, feeling great, success, recognition.

[2.1.6] Moon to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
A healthy soul in a healthy body. A harmonious expression of feeling. The feeling of needs fulfilled. A happy hour, a happy or wealthy person. Good married life.

[3.1.6] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
A healthy outlook on life, efficient and successful thinking, a good mode of expression, a nimble and healthy body, reflecting on health (the medical doctor). Good news; conclusion of a contract or agreement, recognition.

[4.1.6] Venus to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Healthy love-relationship, healthy sex life. The beautiful body, good art. Recognition, honours. Success in love, the loving husband.

[5.1.6] Mars to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
A healthy expression of will-power and of natural urges and desires, the urge to strive for something and achieve something in life, zeal and eagerness, courage. Successful activity, the happy husband, the bridegroom.

[6.1.6] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Being rewarded; success; a great vacation.

[7.1.6] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Disinclination to do something coupled with a completely negative state of mind. A collision between what one wants and what is demanded. Incapability and incompetence, inhibitions (partly conditioned organically). The loss of employment, of good fortune, of one's possessions. Lack of success, illness.

[8.1.6] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
The expectation of good fortune, expansive outlook, the inclination to speculate and gamble. A sudden turn, sudden success.

[9.1.6] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
The mind attuned to things spiritual. Negative: a dissonant mood, high sensitivity, being feeble, loss of focus and orientation.

[10.1.6] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Pursuit of happiness and fortune. The expectation of good luck, the acquiring of wealth, the state of happiness. Successful efforts, great good luck, inheritance.

[11.1.6] Node to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Meeting happy/wealthy/successful people, the striving for mutual and shared happiness, the urge to obtain sponsorship. New plans with others that feel bound to succeed. The wish to marry.

[101.1.6] Asc to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Devoting one's life to good objectives or social aspirations. Enthusiasm, infectious happiness, successful teamwork.

[110.1.6] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Promotion at work, happiness, luck and wealth. Time of great fortune and social success.

[for.1.6] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Jupiter
Good luck, success and fulfilment. Time of great good fortune.
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