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midpoint Sun/Mars

[1.1.5] Sun to midpoint Sun/Mars
The will to live, vitality and vigour, activity.

[2.1.5] Moon to midpoint Sun/Mars
Man in relation to women. Desire for marriage. The husband.

[3.1.5] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Mars
Readiness for action, alertness, the desire to bring plans to realisation. Fast talk. Busy travel. The thinking fighter or the leader both in a struggle and at work.

[4.1.5] Venus to midpoint Sun/Mars
The urge to beget children. The feelings of love, sex, conception, birthing. The development of creative faculties. Intense love-expression.

[5.1.5] Mars to midpoint Sun/Mars
Temperament; feeling attacked; possible accident; intensified sex drive.

[6.1.5] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Mars
A positive outlook on life, optimism, the striving for the attainment of power. The fianc‚e, the Civil Servant. The act of taking possession, success.

[7.1.5] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Mars
Obstructed vitality, weakness, pessimism, inactivity. Difficulties in energy application, obstacles in vocation and profession, defeat in a fight or a conflict, separation. The suffering or worries of the husband.

[8.1.5] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Mars
Premature action or hastiness, impulsive behaviour, rush and excitement, overtaxing of one's strength. Sudden events, adjustment to new conditions and circumstances, change of vocation, military call-up.

[9.1.5] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Mars
Disinclination to work, lack of focus and energy, feeling off the track . The undermining of one's vocational position, receiving notice, disappointment, fraud. Lack of vitality, illness. The deceived, defrauded or weak husband.

[10.1.5] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Mars
Fanaticism, force, ruthless application of energy, unscrupulous action. The overtaxing of one's strength. Violence, war.

[11.1.5] Node to midpoint Sun/Mars
The desire to succeed in teamwork, joint plans or undertakings, meeting new associates in work situation. Joining forces to work or fight for certain objectives. Marriage community.

[101.1.5] Asc to midpoint Sun/Mars
Devoting one's whole energy completely to a definite cause; co-operative effort or teamwork; being seen as hearty and confident.

[110.1.5] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Mars
The tendency to do one's work for the love of it, to accept responsibility gladly. The demonstration of a masculine character, the character of a fighter, the attainment of success in life. In female nativity the meaning implied is; Union with the husband also marriage.

[for.1.5] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Mars
The luck of the warrior, all goes well with the plan.
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