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midpoint Sun/Venus

[1.1.4] Sun to midpoint Sun/Venus

Romance, love relationship, illumination of one's sense of beauty, art, the ideal.

[2.1.4] Moon to midpoint Sun/Venus

Strong feelings of love, an attractive personality, the demonstration of love.

[3.1.4] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Venus

Thoughts of love, usually in an idealised way, love-dialogues, artistic trends or thoughts.

[4.1.4] Venus to midpoint Sun/Venus

Physical love, beauty, harmony, the artistic touch, the ideal.

[5.1.4] Mars to midpoint Sun/Venus

The urge to love and posses. Pursuing the object of love, sexual feelings, the application of creativity.

[6.1.4] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Venus

Harmonious disposition in love, the artistic sense. The desire to get a loving husband, happiness in love.

[7.1.4] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Venus

Inhibitions and strain within love relationship; sexual inhibitions. A timid lover, difficult or exacting art-work. Love-sickness, separation in love.

[8.1.4] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Venus

Self-abandonment, wildness in love relationship, artful or refined love, also finesse in love, sudden love impulse. Sudden love experiences, free love, romantic meetings.

[9.1.4] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Venus

Either idealisation or outright deception in love. Untrue feeling in love, inclination to wrong ways or wrong expression in love, wrong ideas about true love or about genuine art. Love torment, disappointment, aberration in love.

[10.1.4] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Venus

Strong excitability in love leading into over-indulgence and excesses. A fateful love union.

[11.1.4] Node to midpoint Sun/Venus

The desire to come together with loveable and kind-hearted people. Meeting under lovely circumstances. Association with art-lovers. Artistic events.

[101.1.4] Asc to midpoint Sun/Venus

A loving and kind-hearted personality, love of other people. A love contact, mutual love.

[110.1.4] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Venus

The love-union. A beautiful or wonderful human being, an aesthetic person, the art-lover, the lover of nature, the artist.
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