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[1.1.3] Sun to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Mind and common sense, a thinking being, the power of intellect.

[2.1.3] Moon to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Awareness of needs. Thinking with heart - a thinking woman, a young husband.

[3.1.3] Mercury to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Mind and common sense, the power of intellect.

[4.1.3] Venus to midpoint Sun/Mercury
One's attitude and outlook towards love and sex. Thoughts about sexual matters. Writing about love.

[5.1.3] Mars to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Agitated and critical thinking; excitement; nervous drive; energies to tackle a project - argument or quarrel.

[6.1.3] Jupiter to midpoint Sun/Mercury
The urge to enlarge one's mental horizon; an optimistic attitude to life. A good thinker, orator or organiser. Successful travel, speech-making, publishing. Protection and sponsorship.

[7.1.3] Saturn to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Serious or inhibited mental outlook. A pessimistic attitude to life; possible depression; thinking about separation or parting.

[8.1.3] Uranus to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Incoherent and erratic thinking, sudden ideas, inventions, a flair for applied science and technology, organisation and reforms. Adjustment to new circumstances in life.

[9.1.3] Neptune to midpoint Sun/Mercury
The play of imagination, flights of imagination, inspiration, spiritual or philosophical inspiration; possible deception by others or self-deception. Writers, visionaries and also swindlers and crooks. The experience of deception.

[10.1.3] Pluto to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Making far-reaching plans. A dramatic push to new perspectives. An orator exercising suggestive power.

[11.1.3] Node to midpoint Sun/Mercury
The inclination to enjoy talking with people, the state of being united in thoughts with someone else. A good companion. Sales presentations; meetings.

[101.1.3] Asc to midpoint Sun/Mercury
The tendency to cultivate the exchange of ideas, the ability to give and receive intellectual stimulation, a fondness for conducting negotiations.

[110.1.3] M.C. to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Self-conscious thinking, the tendency to develop one's own ideas and concepts, the ability to stand for one's own convictions and to speak for oneself. Intellectual worker, businessman.

[for.1.3] Fortuna to midpoint Sun/Mercury
Inspiration, serendipity in solving problems.
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