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How to Produce a Free 9th Harmonic Chart

To run off a copy of your 9th harmonic chart, if you do not have the software to do it, go to www.astro.com. After you enter your chart data, go to the 'Extended Chart Selection.' Under 'Please select the type of chart you want,' choose "Harmonic Chart (day -> harmonic number)." Then under 'start date for charts marked with' just enter '9' for the day's date (to give you the 9th harmonic). Then view the chart. You can look at the chart by finding the degree of the ASC, and drawing equal houses all the way around. Or--and this is better if the birth time isn't totally precise--draw whole-sign houses, where the sign that contains the ASC becomes the entire first house, and so on from there.

Know that the ASC changes very quickly in the 9th harmonic. Generally speaking, the 9th harmonic ASC will move 9 times faster than the regular ASC. On average, the ASC will change every 13 minutes. So you can see that the accuracy of the birth time is very important if you want an accurate 9th harmonic chart. If you have a rough birth time, it might be best to use a 9th harmonic solar chart, rather than an ASC chart, so you do risk interpreting a radically inaccurate chart.

nadam se da ce malo pomoci jer ona nigdje ne spominje godine starosti vec samo broj 9 kao broj duhovnosti i broj s kojim se izraduje harmonic.
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